I find nothing more rewarding than seeing someone’s whole world transform in front of my eyes from the programs I design specifically for that individual.

I began my dream job in 2017 at a small local gym, building up my confidence in an ever-growing and competitive industry. Not knowing if I’d succeed or stand out from the thousands of PT’s out there.

To this day, I'm shaping and improving peoples’ lives with the knowledge and skills I possess to create physiques, improve lifestyle habits and improve mental well-being.

Since beginning this journey I’ve coached other Personal Trainers, prepped clients for bodybuilding shows, conditioned those applying for our Defence Force and improved the mindset of those who believe the gym can be an intimidating and judgemental place.

To top it all off, I’ve now got the Trainerize Personal Training app customised to BJF so I can train you no matter where you are in the world. And, I can supply you with your own BJF active wear which is constantly coming out with new releases!

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